Wednesday, March 31, 2010

.Net Obfuscator for securing your source code

Hi Everyone,

The first priority and biggest challenge for any software developer is, How to secure application from re-engineering?

We know that the languages which are Interpreted can easily be re-engineered via Decompiler.
Even .Jar, .Class, .dll and .exe files can easily be decompiled which are created by Java and .Net.

What is Obfuscation?
Is the process of encrypting your .Net code so that it cannot be easily re-engineered.
It is language neutral technology even you can obfuscate java code too.
It is mainly used in managed languages because they can be re-engineered.

Then how to protect???

You can use Obfuscator for that. It just mangle your method, properties, classes and variables.
It means it change the name suppose your class name is Test, after obfuscator it may become ?dsghd.

So it cannot be easily understandable after decompilation.

Here i am putting some tools for protecting you code.


  1. Hi
    Xenocode now added a feature of spoon studio.
    It convert your application into native code so no need of Java or .Net framework is needed on system.

  2. Impressive list. Would really love to see your reviews for all these products.

  3. You can find a list of the most famous .NET obfuscators here: