Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Convert Jar to Exe and Secure Java Application

Hello Friends,

Hope you will see my previous post regarding the same.

first of all Thanks for mailing me and your doubts.
Many people ask me question which one is best,secure and easy among them.

Actually many of them are developed on java itself.
So some time they just change the name of jar file to exe and it looks that we made it,
But originally you can extract it by changing its name again.

Best is use some commercial tool or Use tool which actually convert it into Win32 exe's.
I tried Excelsior that is commercial (think made in java) and jstart32 (Made in delphi) with
GNU license are tool which originally created a Win32.exe.

go and try...

Hope now you will feal secure.
Ask if any query or comment if you like.