Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Secure your class files in JAVA

Hello Friends,
     As you seen in my previous post, there I had posted too many tools that re-engineer  your class files.

So today's java developer most worried question is how to secure class files to become reverse Engineering.

Don't Worry friends,
There are too many tools to protect your class files.

There are many methods to protect your class files.
  1. Obfuscator
  2. Manglers
  3. jar To Executer

      The technique behind Obfuscator is they encode your class files with certain encryption algorithm and while execution your application they again decoded or decrypted.

So other than obfuscator know body knows which encryption algorithm is used for encoding so you are unable to decode the class files.

I have used many of them and believe me they are very good.

6. Jcloak


8. Zelix Klass Master

9. Marvin

10. ProGuard

11. RetroGuard

12. Shroudit

13. Smokescreen

14. Saffeine

15. Code Shield

16. Java Guard

17. yGuard

18. Jobfuscator

19. Jasob

20. Crema
      Not found
21. Hashjava
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22. Allatori

          There are also some Manglers available which mangle your class
files code. It is also protect your classes but up to certain limit. 
It applies the technique of mangling function, variable names, class 
names, interface name etc.

Below is the list of Manglers.

Jar To Exe :-

         Just make a jar file from your class files.
And make exe file from your jar file.For creating exe from jar files please refer my previous post there i had posted number of tools for that.



  1. wich metohd is the best?
    and 100% sure?

  2. I am creating exe because it should only run on Windows System.

    But if you need for total plateform independent then you can Use Mangler.
    It is good and easy.
    Many of the Companies are using it.

  3. Is EXE method the most safety, and never your code can be stollen?
    Becuase vb programs is exe and i think that is safety!
    If you are programming and your programs sahred with the world which method are you choose?
    and why?
    remeber that your programm shared with the world and you dont want to take your code..

    You are the best

  4. Yes definitely. Microsoft using it.
    But it is only for Windows OS based.

    I am Using exe method because at least It is safe and run in windows platform.

    You can also first do mangle then create exe.
    Your Most Welcome.

  5. Hi,

    just try Xenocode.
    No need of Jre on system.