Saturday, February 28, 2009

Layout Managers in JAVA

Hi friends,

While setting Layout in JAVA application, everyone is just
thinking of some common layouts. They are...
  1. FlowLayout
  2. BorderLayout
  3. GridLayout
  4. GridBagLayout
  5. Card Layout
  6. Null Layout or Absolute Positioning.
But they all are belongs to Java.awt.classes

But Swing introduces some of very new and intresting types of
They are...
  1. BoxLayout
  2. GroupLayout
  3. OverlayLayout
  4. SpringLayout
  5. ScrollPaneLayout
  6. ViewPortLayout
So friends here i am discussing about all.


  1. Very good,
    Even i am not heard about these layouts

  2. thnx buddy...u helped me in finding sme layouts which i haven't heard it bfr......